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Elk County Wilds

About Elk County Wilds

Thank you for visiting  Elk County Wilds, We are located in the heart of the Pa Wilds and also home to the largest free-roaming Elk herd east of the Mississippi River; You will find our Wine Smoothie mixes. gourmet Virginia Redskin Peanuts and our famous Chocolate Covered Elk and Squatch Balls. 

What do we have to offer? 

Wine Smoothies, If you have never had one of these, the best way to describe these are a frozen alcoholic adult drink with the consistency of a smoothie or milkshake (not icy)  and these are as easy as 1,2,3 simply combine

(1) pre-measured mix

(2) 1 1/2 cups of your favorite Semi-Sweet White Wine, Some work very good with reds or blends ( I will make a note in the individual smoothie description)  

(3) Add  Wine Smoothie mix and wine to a standard kitchen blender and fill halfway with ice, blend until smooth and add the additional ice until desired thickness is achieved.  

 What wine or Shine do you use? See our “Pairing Page” for suggestions

 If you want to kick these up a bit use ¾ cup wine and ¾ cup of your favorite infused vodka or rum. If you are close to Triple Nickle Distillery (Force Pa) or order from their website their specialty shines work fantastic, with their product there is no need to do half and half, use their Specialty Shine straight you will not be disappointed.

Are you interested in carrying these at your winery? we can customize the label with your contact information, please contact us for more information. 


What else will you find here?

Elk County Wilds is also the home of our famous Chocolate Covered Elk Balls and Chocolate Covered Squatch Balls, don't worry no Bulls or Squatches were harmed; these are extra large Triple dipped milk chocolate malt balls, and remember they are Gourmet!            

Seasoned Peanuts and Nuts

We use  Extra Large Virginia Redskin peanuts and only the best ingredients we cook these in small 3 pound batches to ensure the highest quality.

If you like hot and I mean hot, I will be offering my "Honey Toasted Cashews from Hell" and "Betternots". The HTCfH is a crunchy sweet honey coated cashew and I add my own cajun seasoning with "Bhut Jolokia", Better known as the "Ghost Pepper" and just a tad of "Carolina Reaper"

The "Betternots" is my gourmet Cajun Peanut with the Ghost Pepper and Reaper

when time permits I will add my handcrafted Antler key chains and jewelry

 Wholesale available and we can also add your winery name and contact information to the front label.

If you are local and there is no need for shipping please contact me before paying.


"Good Stuff!" - Darrin G.
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