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Grape  Shipping included

Grape Shipping included


These are as easy as 1,2,3; using a standard kitchen blender simply add one pack of Wine Smoothie mix, 1 1/2 cups of your favorite white semi-sweet Wine. approx. 3 cups of ice. Best paired with a Blueberry Wine.

  • 1. Add Wine Smoothie Mix to the blender.
  • 2. Add your Wine. (favorite white semi Sweet wine but pairs fantasitc with Blueberry Wine) 
  • 3. Fill the blender about halfway with cubed ice.
  • 4. Blend until everything is smooth and add the additional ice (approx. 3 cups total)
  •     Blend until the desired thickness is achieved.

And only in a few minutes, you will be enjoying this refreshing adult smoothie.

For Kids or non-alcohol use white sparkling grape juice.

If you want to kick these up a bit use ¾ cup wine and ¾ cup of your favorite infused vodka or rum. If you are close to Triple Nickle Distillery (Force Pa) or order from their website their specialty shines work fantastic, with their product there is no need to do half and half, use their Specialty Shine straight you won’t be disappointed.

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